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Mounica Aitha, Managing Director

Artify Jewellery, a step ahead to beautify the womankind

Our forefathers have started this business, 40 years ago in Nizamabad with a simple motto of making high-quality designer jewellery available at affordable price to the general public. Unlike others, putting a cap on the affordability never influenced our design process.

Our designers always had to put long hours to make sure our designs matched with the contemporary sensibility while staying true to our cultural heritage. The results were evident and in short time we have made a name of ourselves for our unmatched quality and pricing.

We soon became one of the most loved jewellers in our home earning the trust of our customers for our four decades.

Forward in Thinking but Rooted in Our Cultural Heritage:

Over time our designers have perfected the art of designing exquisite pieces of designer jewellery online that not only look beautiful but also make you feel beautiful with their charm and aesthetics. Started off as a passionate Jewellers in Nizamabad, it is the customer’s trust in us that made our 40-year long journey possible. This successful journey through our offline stores has given us ample time to perfect the art of staying ahead of the competition to make our customers happy with our jewellery offering. And upon the insistence of our trusted customers around the world, we have decided to step into this online platform to make sure our designs reach all parts around the globe. And Artify is our humble presentation that showcases our jewellery designs to the world. We are thrilled to resort to this multi-channel approach that gives the best shot at serving global clientele and also rev-up our jewellery product cycle. With Artify, now you can shop online from the comfort of your home without having to visit our store.

Our Promise:

  • To offer aesthetic jewellery that not only respects the tradition but also match the contemporary charm and sensibility.
  • To always stay ahead of the design curve while keeping the pricing in the range of affordability.
  • To keep our creativity and innovation cycle running and deliver a perennial supply of immaculate jewellery that we always have been known for.
  • The purity of material we use, the quality precious stones we equip, the rubies we embed, the pearls we cast , the finishing; each and every step follows a strict process laid down by our research and development team. Quality is as paramount for as it is for you.
  • Deliver a fantastic bang for your buck on your each and every jewellery purchase.
  • Ensure a superior customer service that re-affirms our reputation.
  • To stay true to our ethics and levels of excellence that inspired the trust of millions .

Coming from passionate and reputed Jewellers with a legacy spanning over 40 years, Artify Jewelry is the first firm step in the journey to cater to the online market and we are thrilled to contribute in making this world, a beautiful place with our jewellery.

Designer Jewellery Online

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I heartfully welcome you to the family of Artify Jewellery.
Mounica Aitha, Managing Director,
Artify Jewellery.